Production/QA coordinator with embedded experience

7 november, 2023
Wouldn't it be cool to belong to a world-leading product company, the only one in the world that develops drones of their kind? Wouldn't it be cool to be part of one prosperous company where you have the chance to come in and make your mark and develop as an individual? Here is a team looking for you, a developer, who wants to be responsible for the quality and follow-up on production of their quadcopters and related products.


Bitcraze AB was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of a competence development project and has grown into being a world leader in its niche today. Bitcraze is developing a small quadcopter, Crazyflie, which has a PCB as its main mechanical base, with the motors directly attached to it.
The Crazyflie is used mainly indoors for various forms of research and education and the customers are the most prestigious universities in the world. Passion for hardware, software and technology in general is a strong driving force for the company and they also want to share this with their customers, that’s why they work with open source.
They are now continuing the development of the next generation of drones, with a lot of focus on hardware and software. Bitcraze AB is a tight team of 6 people, who work together in the development of both technology and company.
Malmö is where the development and sales takes place, but production is based in China, which means that you will be in contact with this country a lot. 

Bicraze are not like most other companies. They don’t have any titles or fixed roles, in fact we are completely self organized and we do not have any managers. In their universe the success of the team is more important than personal gain, they do not blame – they help. They are continuously building the company they want to work in, and base it on the idea that no one in the company can tell anyone else what to do. This might sound a bit unusual but the truth is that they have a way of working (some might call it a process) that is pretty elaborate and detailed and that solves our daily problems, but never hinders us. After all, the reality is more important than the plan.


As an employee of Bitcraze, you will belong to a team where there are no roles set in stone and where everyone is committed to the company’s development and contributes with their expertise. Responsibilities and frameworks exist, but here there are also all the possibilities for you to develop together with the company which plan to grow in the near future with a few more employees. As it is a smaller team, you will have the opportunity to be involved in all parts but your main duties will be linked to production and quality work.

Your role:

Approximately 30% of the role will involve:

  • Run, synchronize, and follow up production and production tests in China.
  • Review the development opportunities around logistics.
  • Follow up and be responsible for quality assurance; read out test results from production tests and ensure quality standards are met.
  • Drive and develop methods for production tests together with production in China.

The remaining time is more flexible and we would like you to be able to contribute to a few areas such as

  • Running and continue to developing our test lab
  • Coordinating potential external projects
  • Strengthening our presence in China
  • Driving certification
  • Developing hardware
  • Developing software
  • Handling support

You as a person

We are now looking for someone who is passionate about technology, production and quality assurance, and who would think it would be cool to develop world-leading drones on the market. Basically, you are a university or civil engineer, and have basic knowledge in:

  • Embedded products
  • Electronics
  • Programming

As a larger part of the work focuses on driving and following up production in China, it’s good if you have experience in electronics production, maybe production of smaller volumes, quality assurance and/or production tests. If you have mechatronics, electronics or mechanic experience, this is very meritorious. Furthermore, you speak and write Swedish and English fluently. Due to visa and work permit administration, it’s best if you have EU citizenship.

As a person, you have high social skills and have the ability to meet people from different background cultures. You are a prestigeless team player who has a strong sense of responsibility and drive things to the finish line. You are a passionate problem-solver who possesses a great deal of your own drive – which takes hold of the problems you face. You appreciate the small entrepreneurial company with all that it entails, and understand the importance of commitment and of delivering quality.

Application process

In this recruitment, Bitcraze collaborates with Tech Talents. Questions and applications will be answered and processed by the recruiter in charge Therese Bengtsson at
Selection and interviews will take place continuously, but the position may be filled before the application deadline, so don’t hesitate to apply today.
You’re welcome to apply!

Company: Bitcraze AB

Location: Malmö

Application deadline: 2023-12-31

Contact person: Therese Bengtsson (

Företag: Bitcraze

Plats: Malmö

Sista ansökningsdatum: 2023-12-31

Kontaktperson: Therese Bengtsson